Paper ‘Green violence’ (Buscher and Raamutsindela) in African Affairs higly cited and now open access

African Affairs is the top-ranked African studies journal as measured by the 2015 Impact Factor. African Affairs ‘ Impact Factor is 1.904 according to the 2015 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2016), placing it first within Area Studies and above all other African studies journals. African Affairs is also ranked in the field of political science, with a ranking of 23 out of 163 journals.

The 2015 Impact Factor is a ratio of citations to articles published, and it shows the average number of times recent articles in African Affairs were cited within the relevant year (2015).

To celebrate the Impact Factor, we are granting free access to five highly cited articles from the journal. These articles are just a sample of the impressive collection of research published in the journal.

Briefing: Ebola–myths, realities, and structural violence
Annie Wilkinson and Melissa Leach
Volume 114, Issue 454

Bram Büscher and Maano Ramutsindela
Volume 115, Issue 458
Stef Vandeginste
Volume 114, Issue 457
Alexander Beresford
Volume 114, Issue 455
David M. Anderson and Jacob McKnight
Volume 114, Issue 454


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